August 11


Baidu Maps is incredible. I wish I understood more of what is going on.


Baidu Maps is incredible. I wish I understood more of what is going on.

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August 2

とっておきのアルゴリズムを思いついたときには, そのクレバーさをわかってくれる同僚が欲しい.
ARPA succeeded because they basically funded people instead of projects. They didn’t really care what the people were doing. They figured neat people would do neat things.
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July 26

The Human–Computer Institute at Carnegie Mellon has found that your “passive consumption” of your friends’ feeds and your own “broadcasts to wider audiences” on Facebook correlate with feelings of loneliness and even depression.

July 10

Our favorite hidden Foursquare feature - one-click connect to calendar


Did you just get back from a wonderful long weekend? Add those check-ins,and all your check-ins, to your Google Calendar with a single click.


Just go to, scroll all the way down, and click on that. Every time you open up your Google Calendar, it’ll have all your check-ins.


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June 30

さいきんfoursquareが便利になっているのでおすすめ。今いる場所/任意の場所のまわりのおすすめスポットがわかって、開いてる時間もだいたいわかる(google mapsのほうが高い確率で教えてくれる)。その街に住んでいるひと/外からくるひとのどちらに人気なのかも教えてくれる。ともだちが行ったことがある/favoriteなのかもわかるので、いいともだちがいればいいところを知れる。なにより誰かの政治的主張/自慢話/なれあいを見させられることなく平穏に過ごせるのがいい。どこかに行かないとpostできないのが辛いけれど。

June 16

Your dad was so fucking gnar and awesome that the things he did for fun were made illegal

June 6


Today was my last day at Tumblr.

Five years ago I joined a team of four as Tumblr’s first designer, creative director, and product engineer. That team has since grown to 182 of the most wonderful and talented people around.

I’m so proud of what we’ve all created together, and it’s been a privilege to contribute to something beloved by so many. I can’t wait to see what’s next for the product; I’m sure it will be nothing short of incredible.

There’s still a lot more I want to accomplish, and I’m really excited about this next chapter. For now, I’m going to take some time off to digest the last few years. I have about a dozen different projects planned, so expect more from me soon!

May 21



Everyone, I’m elated to tell you that Tumblr will be joining Yahoo.

Before touching on how awesome this is, let me try to allay any concerns: We’re not turning purple. Our headquarters isn’t moving. Our team isn’t changing. Our roadmap isn’t changing. And our mission – to empower creators to make their best work and get it in front of the audience they deserve – certainly isn’t changing.

So what’s new? Simply, Tumblr gets better faster. The work ahead of us remains the same – and we still have a long way to go! – but with more resources to draw from.

Yahoo is the original Internet company, and Marissa and her team share our dream to make the Internet the ultimate creative canvas. I couldn’t be more excited to have her help. We also share a vision for Tumblr’s business that doesn’t compromise the community and product we love. Plus both our logos end with punctuation!

As always, everything that Tumblr is, we owe to this unbelievable community. We won’t let you down.

Fuck yeah,

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May 20

May 17



というのあるよねと言いたくて調べていたら、英語圏では古代中国の呪いとして知られているように見受けられる。 Ancient Chinese curse | ruedefleurus


April 13